Caribbean steel drums Digital music sheets.downloads 

Digital music sheets downloads.

Song sheets,books,karaoke Tracks, available. 

all cds tracks can be used as references and guide thru the songs. 

Music sheets available/cds: 


Album: contingens/sheets:  

1. Free  

2.The Journey  

3. My Destiny  

4. Walking Fast  

5. On the Other Side  

6. Going Home  

7.  My Groove  

8. Deep in My Soul  

9.Jazzy Road  

10. Horse On the Groove  

11.Race With Me  

12. Just Siting  

13. A Lovers Night  

14. One More Dance 

 Album; back  to the islands VL.1/sheets  


2.Left to right  

3.True friend  

4.Falling in love  

5.Party jam  

6.Living for you  

7.Baby come with me  

8.Back to the islands  

9.Rootsy as can be  

10.Welcome to Jamaica  

11.Mighty men  

12.I didn’t know you love. 

 Album; steel pan on fire/sheets  

1.bring mi back my steel pan  

2.Steel pan on fire  

3.Reggae in the sunshine  

4.Mr pan man  

5.Steel drum easy vibes  

6.Caribbean reggae steel pan  

7. Heading down to the islands  

8. I love my steel pan  

9. Ice cream love  

10. Heading down to the islands(steel pan version)  

11.Steel pan dub 

 Album; back to the island vol.2/sheets  

1.cant help myself  

2.Fire in she waistline  

3.steel drum salsa  

4.Down in the island  

5.Got to take it easy  

6.Mento welcome  

7.Everywhere i go  

8.Show me the way back home  

9.Bam bam  

10.Mr. soca  

11.Nicely,nicely dun  

12.Let the steel drum play  

13.The woman from Trinidad  

14.Soca up the soca  

15.Stress free steel pan  

16.From Africa  

17.Essenes of nature’s best. 

 Album; dinner for two/sheet  

1.Come and take it easy  

2.Keep on sailing on  

3.Slow me down  

4.Need more of you  

5.Jazzy cth  

6.I like jazz  

7.Up close and personal  



10.Do you believe 

Album; read my mind/sheets 

album; smile/sheets 

album; i will praise lord/sheets