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Born and raised in the heart of the 
Caribbean a land of Reggae
and Steel Drum music and a land
that welcomes the new ideas and
concepts of other music.
Indeed!Courtney Henry as arrived,
He lived in Ocho Rios while
attending Jamica School of Music
where he perfected is musical
skills,Courtney began Playing Steel
Drums,keyboards,Guitar and
singing gospel music in church.
While living in heart of a
tourist town.
courtney joined a reggae band in
Runaway Bay area playing keyboards singing lead vocals and
backing vocals harmony,
the group was called The Roughness.
He later moved up in musical
skills while in Jamaican it's best
known as, paying your dues
by serving others by assisting them
musically. Courtney's musical skills,love and
passion for music evolved,
into an uncontainable pull towards
greatness.Other bands,
recognize his talent,indeed the
musical pull land him into a
more advanced musical skilled
musicians, indeed growth was never
ending.He happily accepted the offer
of being apart of a
Resident Show band which was playing
at Jamaica,Jamaica Resort,
in Runaway Bay.While Courtney
ventured out into the world of
Reggae-jazz, and steel pan music. perfecting card structure from playing
alongside some of the
best Jazz instrumentalist.Indeed the
musical pull is demanding
and it required that he moved on up
to the next level of music.
He joined another band called Solid
Heart, were his musical
skills exploded Once again.
Outstanding-ingle he fits into the new position like a hand
in a clove, this band well
established produced by well known
producer.Mr.Heart Richard.
which He himself is known to be a
Man that will not accepted,
nothing but perfection in music.
Mr.Heart Richard is well known,
in Jamaica to produce and train
perfect show musicians. Indeed
for Courtney to have come from the
background of top class
musicians and to have matured into
a professional background.
and first class integrity of music
with the high expectation. "quote" "We Live we
train, we serve others perfectly
with our skills of music so that
the higher power Jah! can be
pleased and in so doing we are
reworded with respect,integrity,
professionalism and an opportunity
to serve our families.
"end of quote!
The "Solid Heart" musicians were
indeed perfect in getting the job
dun with class, Courtney Henry was
fortunate to perform for big Jamaican stars such as
Nicky, 0.J , Ebony, Melvin,
Karen Smith, and He was also
involved with the Steel Drums Fire
Dance extravaganza.
Indeed!For Courtney Henry to
have been apart of such first class
service, by serving others with
perfect first class service,
from a professional dress code,
to perfectly well played music
piece, from jazz,pop music,60s,
70s,80s,90, Island, Soca,Reggae,mento,fire dance music.
The resident band Solid Heart was
indeed a Force you did not want
to compete with.However in the
Island it is well known that,the band with the most
experience and most professionalism,
Gets the Job!Indeed competitions
was masterful.However years
pass by Courtney Henry Once again
felt the Pull of the Force,
which as been guarding,perfecting,
guiding protecting is life,
thru the years were music is
concerned.As once again demanded that a higher level be
reached, The stationary position
at Jamaica Grand Resort in Ocho Rios,

which indeed later changed
there name to Sunset Jamaica Grande.
Indeed to be part of a Solid Heart
Band, and a company that produced world class entertainment
being produced by,
Mr.Hart Richard and being surrounded
by musicians who as been
bounded together like family, was not
an easy thing to up
and leave this solid position, the
passion of music was indeed as become a challenge for
Courtney Henry.
This calling and wooing was indeed
stronger than his music,
to love music with such a passion
that music practice would
sometimes continue all day thru out
the night until the next day! Indeed this pull was a challenge.
"Love" indeed as won' the battle.
and for Love he said un-word and
forward into the future and destiny. Once in the USA , Courtney became
involved with a band called
"Black bean Soup", he went on tour,
traveling throughout the
United States . At the end of the
tour he became involved with
the band called Crucial, which was
the house band at Rum runners
in Key West , Florida , all news
paper clippings and other musical acheavment information can
be found on this web site.
Courtney Henry continue playing
Caribbean steel drum and reggae
music and also collaborated with an
Irish singer, singing background vocals and playing
keyboards. He later worked as a
one man band and presenting the
four piece band for wedding
receptions to all those who want to
have a first class music
experience with the real Caribbean
sound of the islands.
Courtney still resides in the
Key West Area were thru Love
from Sandra Silts as lead him.
performing at the Sunset
Celebration playing Steel drum/Pan
Music and a mixture of
other Caribbean classic music,and
also a mixture of American music.
Courtney as been playing up and down
the keys for quite a number of years, he played at Coco Palm, and
numerous Cooperate Events, beach Ceremony's
Dinners/Birthdays private
parties.Courtney produced a compact
disc called Bring mi' back my
steel pan. Please have a look around
this website gain yourself a
copy of this beautiful sounding
Caribbean CD music and other CD's
by Courtney Henry. all CD's and
digital download can be found on
the CDBABY web site, all vocals
and music performed by Courtney at the C&S Steel drums
First Class Entertainment musicians.
At the present time Courtney Henry
is still managing is music company
he is also still playing Steel Pan
ceremonies for countless brides
and groom in the key west Area,
please call 305-292-1171 to book
your first class Steel pan wedding
or Cocktail music for your first
class event today. video's and other
product and MP3 steel pan
downloads can be found
at www.,
if your ever in the key west area
please remember to drop by the
Westin Sunset Celebration or at the
Santa Maria suits and enjoy
the sound of Courtney on Steel pan,
giving you a first class
experience with Caribbean
steel pan music.come by and purchases
a first class steel pan CD's and get
it signed by Courtney or even get a free bonus CD. Courtney continue
to perform at the
Westin Key West Resort bringing first
class steel pan music from
the Caribbean, please be aware that
the Westin is the only place
on the island of key west you can find
Steel pan Caribbean music.
what does the future hold for him it
look very bright as long as there are loving people in America
he will continue to play
happy music to cheer people up and
giving them a first class
experience with is steel pan
Caribbean music and helping them
to have a first class Caribbean experience
in the keys. - See more at: